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Abacus Learning Of Higher Arithmetic


Adopted and developed the abacus computational method from China and Taiwan, Mr. Loh Mun Sung founded ALOHA in 1993, having the objective of introducing the arithmetic programs to, likewise benefiting, the children of Malaysia ages 5 to 13.


Now ALOHA has an experience of over 20 years, during which it was created more than 4,000 centers around the world, which proves the relevance and the urgency of created program.


The ancient method of Abacus helps to improve math skills of your child- the only element of training that is used at the school for the development of mental skills.

Aloha has experienced professors and teachers of mathematics who improve their skills in order to provide children with high quality and interactive education.

The main goal of learning

Using advanced and innovative achievements in the field of education program Mental Arithmetic allows to master math skills;

The purpose of learning is using ethical and professional standards to make a valuable contribution to society - to develop children who are the future citizens and future hope.


Vision and Mission

Accelerate the development of analytical abilities of the child.

To help children develop their minds and make quick mental calculations, sign up for a free trial session.