ALOHA Mental Arithmetic Uzbekistan


Baken, P.(1976) had focused on the significance of
the left and right hemisphere differences for management in the "Creative Brain".



P. Baken stated that, “for most people, one of the two hemispheres is the dominant one in terms of our preferred mode of processing. This concept of dominance must not be thought of as a dichotomy, but as a continuum, in which the dominance is distributed in various intensities between the hemispheres. The creation progression of a person could face difficulties of could be failed if lack of co-operation in both brains. Every creation process needs numerous collaboration between these two brains.”

We know little about the cognitive processes in our brain. When a person is born, he already has all the neurons that will be with them throughout the life. Each neuron has 2500 synapses. A small child at the age of two or three years has 15 000 neuron synapses, much greater than in an adult. Synapses pass through nerve impulses; have great importance in the development of cognitive functions.

Young children who are oversaturated synapses must adapt to the environment. But synapses, that using often will remain, instead, that the child does not use will be "clipped". That is why the ALOHA program is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 13 years.


The human brain - a body that has control over our body, and receives, analyzes and stores the incoming information. The brain enables us to hear, feel, move, speak, and many other things.

The left hemisphere holds control over the right side of the body, and the right hemisphere holds control over the left side of the body.

Mathematical ALOHA’sapproach contributes to the development of all brain, improves memory, concentration and creativity. Skills in creativity and intelligence have a positive effect on the development of both hemispheres of the brain. Children learn of concentration, a good memory and observation.

Studying the program, the child covers the skills that will help improve academic performance in all subjectsand prepare for the difficulties of life. Your child will receive excellent marks in mathematics, improve mental activity, will be able to manage time properly.

ALOHA Lifetime Benefits

  • Solving math operations with speed and accuracy.
  • Ability to concentrate and pay attention.
  • Creativity and visualization capacity.
  • Listening and observational skills.
  • Photographic memory and spatial orientation.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Analytical skills.



Help turn your child’s struggles in arithmetic into a love of all things numerical.

Accelerate the development of analytical abilities of the child.

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