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Franchise FAQ

What does the ALOHA Franchising Licensing business mean?

Licensing means developing a successful business format on both sides in order to start a similar organization in a certain area and within a certain time. A licensor or franchisor - this is the party that grants a license. A licensee or franchisee - is the one who receives the license.

Over the years of its existence, ALOHA gain experience and reputation; it has the right to intellectual property, as licensee. The licensee will benefit from the licensor, whichare his experience, knowledge and skills.

Licensee may use the trade name of the licensor, system, operating, and ownership management. ALOHA has the right to control their use.


What are the area or site specifications for the ALOHA license?

ALOHA grant a license to operate in a particular country, based on international borders, which are marked on the official map.

What are the basic infrastructure requirements to do the ALOHA Franchise Business?

to In order qualify for a franchise, you need to have an office with a minimum size of 2,150 feet, it can be both own or leased premises. This office should be located in a major city of the country that it is easy to get to. The room should also be comfortable with toilets, well ventilated, with good visibility. The office should be equipped with computers, internet, telephone and fax. Also you should be able to hire new employees to meet all the requirements of the franchisee.

What are the basic financial costs involved in running an ALOHA franchise?

To start an ALOHA franchise, you will need to have sufficient funds to start your business. The funds shall cover expenses for:

  • Infrastructure and ambience
  • Furniture and fittings
  • Equipments and educational material
  • Licensing Fee
  • Pre-operating expenses such as rental, staff
  • Marketing, etc

What are the terms of ALOHA Franchise?

The franchisee will have to make an initial payment of the license fee to commence operations.


What are the support offered by ALOHA International to its franchisees?

Franchise orientation program (FOP)

On the corporate office will be an evaluation of the program training. FOP has a purpose - to understand the franchisee business ALOHA, adopted knowledge and experience.

Technical training & counselors training

Instructors on a continuing basis with the training module will be trained and ready to conduct business.


To franchisee could properly conduct business ALOHA, he will be given guidance on doing business with standard operating procedures.

Supply of Materials

To run the program in a particular country, ALOHA provides all the necessary material.

Technical training and on going support

To the franchisee not depart from the curriculum development, textbooks will be handed over to him in printed form, so that it is technically prepared with the help of development and research.

Marketing support

All the necessary marketing support to the franchisee for the spread ALOHA program will be provided. In accordance with the marketing tools will be transferred to the rules in the form of brochures, leaflets and posters.



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