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  • International ALOHA Competition

    Arithmetic calculation demonstration with abacus by the students who participate in the Competition Every year, the ALOHA International Competition is held. A meeting which, in this edition, took place in two phases: the first one, in May 2012, was celebrated […]

  • Ronit and Samir Motwani

    Ronit and Samir are the world champions of mental arithmetic with the program ALOHA Mental Arithmetic As ALOHA Mental Arithmetic students move forward in the program they acquire greater speed and precision in calculation, so their abilities are impressive to […]

  • A successful internationalization process

    ALOHA Mexico signature, the country joins the growing program international family. From its beginning in 1993, ALOHA Mental Arithmetic has been very successful. The first success was in Malaysia, its country of origin, with the endorsement of Malaysia Abacus and […]