Ronit and Samir Motwani

Ronit and Samir are the world champions of mental arithmetic with the program ALOHA Mental Arithmetic

Media is interested in students of Aloha Mental Arithmetic because of their fast calculation speed and accuracy of calculations. Such abilities are impressive society. Media is particularly interested in Ronit and Samir Motwani – the world champions.

Snapshot of the participation in the program
the “Incredible” in Antena 3, a Spanish TV channel.

Ronit and Samir travel the world, producing an impression on people because of their ability to account quickly in a few seconds. In India, Peru, Mexico and Canada these children have been shown in different programs.

Champions do not stop

The first time the champions were in the Spanish franchise, which was presented ALOHA Mental Arithmetic.


Ronit and Samir in the Spanish Competition

Thus, the media were very interested in the ability of boys, even one of the Spanish channels have been allocated broadcasting time for the match between the children in order to impress the world with its abilities.