ALOHA Mental Arithmetic Uzbekistan


Parents’ Testimonials

Мария Тереза

It is a good school! We prepared our child for further examinations in the normal school at the professional level.
Jannali: Australia


Мелисса Абогадо

My child after school is in the top 10 of the best on the exams for admission to the junior school. It’s fantastic! Thanks Aloha!
Gabriella: Brazil


Мария Алкантара

After ALOHA Philippines my child has learned very quickly to solve the examples in mathematics. I am very pleased with the results of the school.
Bridget: Germany


Нанетта Убана

Analytical skills of my daughter after school ALOHA Philippines increased in several times. There are very good teachers, who will find an approach to each child. I recommend this school to all parents and children.
Avani: India


Амалия Жалимао

My child is not very well versed in mathematics, until I gave him to the Aloha school. Now all the teachers praise him!
Alice: Canada


Амалия Жалимао

We have sent a child to pre-school and were very happy with the result. In school, she learned all the basics of mathematics, so she has became the best in the class. We are proud of our child and very grateful to the school.
Brie: Ireland


Амалия Жалимао

The child does not want to go in usual school after school Aloha - so he liked it there. My husband and I are very happy with the result. Thank you very much, Aloha school.
Ju: China


Амалия Жалимао

I advise all parents to send their children to school Aloha. Such quick results can not be expected - the child wants to teach math by himself, although before she was crying and did not sit down for lessons.
Carie: Malaysia


Амалия Жалимао

After school ALOHA Philippines my husband and I came to the conclusion that in order to solve mathematical problems do not need any tools - just the brain. Our child is now - the child prodigy.
Ninel: Mexico


Амалия Жалимао

Even to my difficult child, who did not want to learn, the school teachers of Aloha found approach. Now, he is well done and is very fond of mathematics.
Natalie: USA



Kids’ Testimonials

Aесса Качо

I like to go to school Aloha, because we not only solve mathematical examples, but also play together with the teacher in the different games.
Kenie: Australia


Justin Dy

The school has opened up new ways to solve mathematical equations in my head. Thank to the best teachers!
Alicia: Brazil


Kristina Pantua

Preparatory School gave me great knowledge. Now in the school I solve the equation faster than anyone! I am proud of myself and very grateful to the school Aloha.
Ivon: Germany


Sean Zabala

My first teacher forced me do the task, but then turned it into a game, and I had more fun to solve them. This is the best school of mathematics!
Asha: India


Kristina Pantua

I never liked math, but it was easy to teach in a school of Aloha it, because we are constantly playing games rather than just looking at the boring numbers. I never thought that will like an exact science.
Rain: Canada


Kristina Pantua

I made a good start to understand the mathematics after teaching at this school. My teacher said I'm very capable girl. It was very nice to hear that.
Milena: Ireland


Kristina Pantua

Aloha School allowed me to quickly understand the math and now I know the program even for the next class.
Bei: China


Kristina Pantua

I do not want to leave the school because we had a good teacher who well taught us mathematics.
Wawa: Malaysia


Kristina Pantua

I initially did not like math, but now takes first place at the Olympics. Teachers are all very kind and answered all questions.
Juni: Mexico


Kristina Pantua

Now I can solve mathematical examples in mind, and for that I do not need anything. Thanks to teachers!
Stieven: USA




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