ALOHA Mental Arithmetic Uzbekistan

Vision and Mission


"In the formative years of a child it is especially important the development of his brain. For this created the concept of ALOHA Mental Arithmetic, which is based on the ancient abacus method - the ability to count large numbers in the mind easily and quickly, which ensures a significant development of child’s mental abilities.

Our vision is that by using this available concept every child from 5 to 13 years will expand the possibilities of them mind that will help to achieve success in life."

Aloha Mental Arithmetic Philippines
“Indigo comes from blue, and is yet greater than blue” – Xun Zi (Chinese Philsopher).

At ALOHA we are convinced that teachers teach the children, and then the children will be able to surpass them through their own efforts and gained knowledge. In our logo color indigo represents this concept, the interests of our teachers, who want the next generation will be smarter than they. The green color of leaves denotes a young age, who want to join the ALOHA to become smarter and more successful.



"To create a network of ALOHA centers around the world, providing quality education to all students, based on effective teaching methods that will help to master analytical skills and succeed in their studies."

Accelerate the development of analytical abilities of the child.

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